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It’s important to have a good rest, and our podcasts can help with that. We have recorded sounds across the globe. From Bali to New York to Amsterdam. We have hundreds of episodes ready for you to explore.

DavidRegular user
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I really depend on your podcast on Stitcher. I have had several strokes, 2 craniotomies, and anxiety which make it difficult to fall asleep at night.
AnnaRegular user
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I listen to your podcast every single night, It helps me sleep faster, and I wake up well rested. I'm depressed and I always think when I go to bed but now that I use your podcast, I don't think that much because I focus on the sounds.
LauraRegular user
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I love your podcasts, I always use it when I'm meditating. I have 3 young kids and they always want attention... But they know, when I put on your rain sounds on my home cinema set, that they can't disturb me.
JeremyRegular user
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The storm ones are great! The storms that this podcast posts are amazing! It reminds me of early nights where I slept in my parents’ room, laid on the couch and staring out the window as I listened to the storm. 11/10, would recommend if you are in need of relaxing rain ASMR that doesn’t drain your phone battery.
BakaRegular user
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Zzzzz.. Ten out of ten will recommend 👌🏻
RobbyRegular user
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Amazing! This really is amazing and helps me sleep every night!

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We launched our podcasts in July, 2018